Cloud Data Backup

Why take the risk with your Data by only having an in-house backup?

With our Cloud Data Backup solution, your server or workstation can be configured to backup to our cloud backup service every night.

The data is encrypted before it is sent to our servers – so it is secure in transmission as soon as it leaves your site.

We have restored data for customers on a number of occasions – the most recent being a customer who was hit by a File Encryption Virus – which left every file on their server encrypted. We were able to restore 100% of their data, and get them up and running again in no time.

With prices starting from £1.00 + VAT – with discounts available for large amounts of data – speak to us today about a free 1 month trial.

Take the guesswork out of your backup procedures – and stop relying on human intervention to make sure that backups run successfully, and are taken off site to ensure continuity against fire and theft.